Using handmade and recycled paper products is one of the endless ways we can contribute to save trees, save environment and Mother Nature


Transitioning to zero waste paper begins with responsible consumption of paper products.


Always think reuse. Try not to trash the paper after a single-use, instead plan for its reuse as well!


Recycling the waste paper is better than throwing it away. Our vision should be to recycle everything that can be.


Anadee is an eco-stationery brand that provides a solution for waste paper and offers eco-friendly paper products.


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Students Actively Participated


kg of waste paper recycled


Trees saved

Happy Customers

Students of my class were really very happy after getting notebooks and pens in the exchange of old news papers. They were asking whether we are going to continue it for coming months also.

Jyoti Sood (Teacher)

From my class ( IV-C ), 8 - 10 students brought waste paper & they were very happy to get notebooks & pens in exchange of it. Many more will bring it tomorrow. I think it is a very good activity & children will learn to save paper

Amita (Teacher)

Mission recycle was a good venture. All the students were excited. They asked many questions about recycling. I think this should be repeated bi monthly.

Harsheeb Kaur (Teacher)

Mission recycle is getting a good response in junior classes. All the students are willing to bring waste paper. Students are very happy upon getting notebooks and pens as return gifts. Moreover they came to know about process of recycling and its benefits.

Pratibha Dandyan (Teacher)